Our Brands

Risk Takers

An original viewpoint and unwavering sense of who they are. That's why we love 'em.

Status Quo Shakers

Our brands forge their own path and stick a middle finger up at the norm.

Future makers

All of our finds have a conscious commitment to sustainability.

The Brands


Here you are, about to discover the best up-and-coming UK talent.

All of our brands are selected for the special something that sets them apart. A refreshing view point that we felt needed to be shared with the world. We have even been known to run down the street after designers, so sure in the knowledge that we just HAD to have them. We find them. We fall in love with them. So will you.


We care deeply about showcasing brands that are conscious and kind. It’s why we love our Finds so much, they care about the things that need to be cared about. That don't bury their head in the sand about the effects our industry has on the environment but rather tackle them head-on.⁠

Which is why, all brands on YBDFinds have a commitment to sustainability. Beautiful products, made ethically.