Charlotte Allen


Klements holds a special place in our hearts, with an innate preference for a macabre, unsettling beauty tempered by a lust for the progressive and strange.

Their distinctive artworks are hand-painted and drawn by the label's founder, Charlotte Allen, that when printed onto clothing create pieces of walking art.


      About this brand

      Klements is characterised by a dark, strange, but glorious beauty and an interest in this in all forms of life. Their pieces draw inspiration from literature, music, and the natural world in all its cruelty and glory.

      The brand’s distinctive artworks and prints are hand-painted and drawn by the label's founder, Charlotte Allen. Working with only the finest silks and organic cotton, Charlotte hopes to create pieces that, with respect and care, will last forever.

      With each season the brand strives to improve the label's sustainability and have recently started working with GOTS organic cotton and end-of-life cloths. Klements are proud of the ethical way they have always produced our collections since the launch of Klements in 2012 and continue to work with and support the same small family-run manufacturers since their launch.

      Klements believe fashion should not be fast. Slow down, buy less, but buy ethically made quality pieces. In a world of ripped-off designs and soulless, exploitative mass production, they work hard to offer original and unique collections that are delightfully, thoughtfully made.