Mimi Berry

Mimi Berry

Mimi Berry


Mimi Berry is a radiant star in the world of contemporary London accessories, a brand that blossomed from humble beginnings at a Spitalfields Market stall into an established fashion presence on the international accessories scene.

Mimi Berry's hallmark lies in their remarkably sleek and clean aesthetic, a signature style that reimagines utilitarian shapes, thoughtfully transformed to cater to the demands and aspirations of the modern world.


      About this brand

      Mimi Berry's journey is an inspiring tale of triumph in the world of fashion. Armed with a degree in Fashion Design from the prestigious Central St Martins, Mimi set out on a remarkable adventure, birthing her accessories and handbag label that would soon captivate hearts worldwide.

      From those early days, selling her handmade creations in cosy boutiques, Mimi's brand has steadily blossomed into a global sensation, adored not only in the UK but across borders too. Mimi's designs aren't just beautiful; they are a testament to her unwavering commitment to perfection. Each season, she unveils new shapes in an array of vibrant colours and sumptuous leathers, all meticulously crafted from the finest materials. Her creations, with their clean and utilitarian aesthetic, seamlessly align with the modern world's needs and desires.