Alison Taylor


Alison Taylor started Sula in 1997, from a stall in Old Spitalfields Market in London's East End. Fast forward to today, her designs are being stocked all over the world.

Coming from a fine art background, Alison has a painterly approach to colour and every season creates new colour palettes to add to the collection.

Alison has travelled the world in search of communities who hand-weave, dye and embellish textiles. She cherishes the irregularity of hand-woven cloth and stitching and the poignant beauty of fabrics that develop patina over time.

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      About this brand

      Sula is a slow fashion, fair trade, company operating from its own studio on the south coast of England.

      Placing emphasis on creating an aged aesthetic, Alison combines comfort and wearability and hopes that wearers will enjoy and cherish their Sula garments for many years.