Xenia Busalova


Farphoria: the merging of porcelain sculpture with wearable design. It's like finding a hidden gem in a world of mass-market consumption.

The brand embraces core values of sustainability, art, and innovation, dedicated to capturing the fleeting moments of life through sustainable and wearable sculptures.

Their zero-waste, all-handmade, small-scale production in London reflects only adds to the uniqueness of each piece. Wearing Farphoria art feels special. They’re one of a kind.

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      About this brand

      “FARPHORIA” originates from the merge of two words: “FARFOR”, which translates as “PORCELAIN”, and “EUPHORIA”.

      Xenia Busalova, the founder and creative force behind FARPHORIA, is renowned for her exceptional craftsmanship in crafting porcelain jewellery. With her dedication to capturing the fleeting moments of life in wearable sculptures, Xenia has created a name synonymous with artistry and elegance. Now, with the addition of photographer Anna Ivanova's artistic expertise, FARPHORIA is set to embark on a new era of creativity and collaboration.

      Like there are no two identical elements in nature, each piece of FARPHORIA's porcelain jewellery is a unique wearable art, and you will not see the same piece anywhere.