Wedding Belles

Wedding Belles

Oh the pressures of wedding-guest dress shopping… To look great, but not so great you look like you’re trying to upstage the bride. Pieces that are comfortable enough to wear all day, paired with shoes that don’t make your feet feel like they’re about to fall off. Not in white (or cream or anywhere near that colour), and - fingers crossed - not the same as anyone else at the wedding.

Well, as always, we’re here to help, with our curated collection of those wedding-worthy pieces that tick all of the boxes. Whether you’re attending a casual city ceremony or heading to a black-tie affair, we have something to help you win ‘best-dressed guest’ just ahead…

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      We are firm believers that finding that perfect wedding guest outfit should be easy and fun. This is why we've curated a collection full of oh-so-perfect finds that will make your look unforgettable without upstaging the bride. Of course!

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