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Welcome to YBD. Unestablished since 2010. A place to find the unusual, the unordinary and the unique. A place to find British brands that are unfamiliar, under-the-radar and unestablished. We, like you, seek the uncommon. We chase the thrill of the unique. We find UK brands you don't see everyday. We're so glad you are here.


Sula is a slow fashion, fair trade, company operating from its own studio on the south coast of England. Placing emphasis on creating an aged aesthetic, Alison combines comfort and wearability and hopes that wearers will enjoy and cherish their Sula garments for many years.

Tallulah & Hope

Tallulah & Hope

Art-inspired prints and bespoke embroidery designs that celebrate women at their most joyful and free-spirited. Tallulah & Hope create styles that are inspired by art, storytelling and the soul. Items that you’ll cherish through the seasons.



Sustainable brand inspired by moments from the past. Isabelle Pennington-Edmead weaves a story of heritage and identity, celebrating Isabelle's Caribbean Kittitian and English roots with unapologetic femininity.


Since 2010, we’ve been dedicated to bringing you the best and brightest of British talent. Scouring the country to discover the undiscovered, unearth the uncommon, and experience the unique, so that you can find your new favourite brand. Because they all have something special. It's not the sophisticated “je ne sais quoi” of our European cousins, or the high octane desirability of our US counterparts. It's just so cool, so authentic, so 'chuck away the rule book'. All with a cheeky British twinkle in the eye.

We have to say, our track record is pretty good. We sniff out talent long before they hit the headlines. From the likes of JW Anderson to Rejina Pyo, to Eudon Choi they've all started here. With us. With you.

Our creators encapsulate the essence of what it is to be British. A tiny country. But a cool one.

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