YBD Finds Corporate Social Responsibility Policy & Code of Ethics

  • YBD Finds only work with the coolest indie brands, which means businesses owned, run or managed by the designer or their family.
  • Wherever possible, the collections are locally produced to the designer in small production runs, by artisans or the designer themselves. 
  • We encourage a fair and transparent supply chain, ensuring that our suppliers do not use sweatshops, trafficked, bonded, child or forced labour, and any staff are provided with fair wages.
  • At YBD Finds, we’re huge animal lovers, so will NEVER stock a product that uses farmed fur, exotic skins or feathers. Although we sell some animal hides such as cow and lamb, we only sell skins where they are a co-product of the meat industry; we will never sell a product where an animal has been killed for its skin alone.
  • We encourage our suppliers to only use sustainably sourced wood if making products from endangered or exotic hardwoods by utilising off-cuts or recycled wood. This means that they should not contribute to illegal logging or deforestation.
  • We encourage all our wellness and beauty product suppliers to use natural, plant-based and non-synthetic ingredients, wherever possible. We also ask these same suppliers to not test constituent ingredients or the finished product itself on animals.
  • The vast majority of all sales proceeds go directly to the brands themselves. The majority of revenue from YBD Finds gets put towards initiatives and benefits to help our brands, including marketing campaigns, PR services and mentorship. By ensuring as much profit as possible goes to our brands, they are able to grow their businesses, pay better wages to their suppliers, create better quality products, produce locally and leave less of an environmental impact in getting their products to you.
  • All the designs we sell are unique, original and proprietary to each individual brand. All items are manufactured by the designer or under their close guidance and produced specifically for them, to stringent quality standards. We will never sell another designer’s work passed off as an original.
  • We are in the process of declaring a climate emergency. So we aim to be carbon neutral by 2030. We work within a framework of continuous improvement and therefore encourage all of our brands to consider and reduce the environmental impact of their business.

We truly want the best for our brands, customers and planet. If you have any questions about our CSR or ethics policy, you can email us at hello@ybdfinds.com