Our Find: Tallulah and Hope Journal

Our Find: Tallulah and Hope

Zoe Stevenson, one half of the dream team behind the British brand Tallulah & Hope, is the brilliant designer of all their lovely pieces. She also has some fantastic ideas she'd like to implement if she were PM for a day. We're not sure about you, but we’d definitely vote for her!

Where is home to you?

Folkestone on the South Kent Coast. I moved here 13 years ago and was closely followed by two of my 5 siblings. I’m incredibly fortunate to live in such a lovely coastal town; be able to walk to work and have family round the corner.

What's your favourite place for food in the UK?

Dr Legumes – world class, locally sourced plant-based food.
John Dory Wine – wine shop, sharing plates and charcuterie.
Folkestone Wine Company – small and perfectly formed fine food experience 
Brawn – incredible food, small, friendly, stylish. Simply perfection.

What's the best thing about British fashion?

Sense of humour. Eccentricity. Heritage brands that continue to celebrate UK materials and techniques

Do you have a favourite UK-based fashion designer?

Vivienne Westwood and now Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood for the passion, excitement, activism and art.

What would you do if you were PM for a day?

4 day week. Work life balance needs to be urgently addressed. For the majority of working families its impossible to get on top of life admin/chores and also have time to rest and regroup with friends and families. AND free childcare or improving current subsidies for working mothers.

What's in the pipeline for you and Tallulah & Hope?

The brand is in an exciting growth phase, we want to grow the brand as conscientiously as possible. Our focus is to keep honing our offer, listening to our customer, perfecting our product and putting ‘kind practices’ at the forefront of everything we do. The ultimate aim is to have a B Corp business.