Once Upon A Time… Journal

Once Upon A Time…

Once upon a time it was 2010. E-commerce had just started to boom and everyone wanted the latest, trendiest, brightest thing. People wanted the biggest brands, the shiniest labels, the “It” bags. And we didn’t do that.

YBD was founded by Debra and her husband Julian, inspired by a love for the uncommon, and a gap in the market for thoughtful, British makers. Back in 2010, there was no single destination that supported and showcased emerging British-based designers, so Debra and Julian created that place here, with you.

In our opinion, the UK is home to some of the best talent in the world. Designers that have that creative, avant-garde, don’t give a **** thing. A devotion to diversity and inclusivity. And a rich history of designers who have broken the mould time and time again.

In the fashion industry, you have to make waves, and fast. Which is why we support our designers wherever we can, with networking, collaboration, help and advice on everything from branding, curating a collection, pricing, manufacture, studio access, look books, line sheets, PR, press days, social media, websites and hopefully positivity and encouragement at every stage. Since the beginning, our aim has been to showcase these talented designers to the best of our ability, and do our utmost to help them along the way.

Every week we receive approaches from incredibly talented designers. And every so often you open a look-book or see an image and it just grabs you. It takes your breath away and you know you’ve found something really special. This is how we felt with Eudon Choi, JW Anderson, Sophie Hulme, Rejina Pyo and so many more.

Our vision to discover, showcase and promote the best of British emerging design talent has stayed the same, since that far off day in 2010. Our insatiable desire to find and wear the new and unique, continues to grow, and our commitment to bringing this to you hasn’t waned.

It started with a few carefully selected brands that took pride in creating conscious clothing that’s a little bit different, and grew to where we are today, having supported the careers of over 250 under-the-radar designers.

Who’s next?