Slow and Sustainable

Slow and Sustainable

All of our brands have a conscious commitment to minimising their impact on the planet. But some have gone the extra mile, creating new and innovative designs that kick climate change in the you-know-what. Never compromising on style, always thoughtful, careful and committed to change.

Good News shoes. The coolest thing you'll ever put on your feet, and the kindest, too. Made with non-toxic recycled rubber soles of old tyres and shoes, they're a guilt-free addition to a slow and loving wardrobe. M.Hulot bags designed for a slower way of life. Made with vegetable-tanned oiled Italian leather that will mark and burnish over time creating its own unique patina, to be worn over and over again, better each time. Herd knitwear, where every material is grown and sourced right here in our proud little country. Designed to ensure the smallest, most careful carbon footprint possible.

Tread lightly. But make a bold impression. This edit proves that when style and responsibility unite, the result is nothing short of breathtaking. How lovely.

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