Rochet London

Rochet London

Maria Dius


A new YBD Find, but a very special one. Rochet London designs jewellery like no other. Handmade by the brand’s founder in London from crochet cord and crystal embellishments, Rochet’s pieces are designed for forever. They are glamorous, but free-spirited, made to be worn with reckless abandon, to be loved and cherished for years to come, never tarnishing. Wear any way you wish.


      About this brand

      Rochet London specialises in jewellery that features crystals and gemstones celestially entwined in crochet metallic threads.

      Rochet creates jewellery that you can wear tirelessly from day to night, from summer to winter, without worrying about any tarnishing. Available in gold and silver, the Rochet jewellery is designed to be exposed to water, as it's made of textile thread crocheted in a very sturdy chain that becomes fade-resistant, and contains no metal.

      The single-strand pieces are designed to be worn in 4 ways: necklace, hand chain/bracelet, body/waist chain and anklet. Glamorous, but boho. Relaxed, but elegant. For the mermaids who live on land.

      All pieces are handmade in London by founder Maria, a recent graduate of London College of Fashion. Maria has a strong passion for jewellery, crochet and gemstones, having learnt the art of crochet from her mother when she was little. She created Rochet London because she wanted something different: easy to wear, remarkable and long-lasting jewellery, that is reflective of a rebellious, carefree spirit. A creator at heart, she also has a deep love for poetry and creating beautiful things.