Names To Know

Names To Know

The freshest, the newest. The ones that haven’t been around here long but we really, really like. These are the new kids on the block, and they’re here to make an impression.

Something for everyone. Something for anyone. A great bunch of brands and a coterie of talent that is anything but ordinary. It's time to redefine your wardrobe, one fresh find at a time.

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      A curated list of the best independent UK designers and makers that have so far flown under-the-radar, but have already captured our hearts with their innovative designs and unique perspectives.

      From emerging UK fashion labels to up-and-coming artisans, our curated selection showcases the new kids on the block who are here to make a lasting impression. We think they’ll be sticking here for a while. Find them before everyone else does…

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      Explore our world of indie designers and brands. Discover their unique stories, and find out what it means to support local, embrace community, and champion sustainability with every purchase. Let's co-create a fashion future!

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