Sacha, Jess, Jo and Laura


Authentically Swedish, handmade and quite lovely clogs, Kit + Clogs are designed for clopping around in sustainable style.

Made by a lovely team in Hastings, and with the help of a family of gifted craftsmen living in the wild forests of Southern Sweden, Kitty Clogs create conscious clogs truly connected to their roots. Always strong, always sustainable and always handmade.

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      About this Brand

      KIT + CLOGS are an independent footwear and lifestyle brand based in the UK driven by a true love for beautiful, handmade items and the determination to keep traditional crafts and manufacturing methods alive.

      It all started when Sacha met a family in Sweden who have been handcrafting traditional träskor since the 1950’s. She fell in love with their clogs and decided to bring them to the UK.

      As she embarked on this adventure, serendipity brought together a team of women who together began transforming the Swedish träskor into the ever-evolving collection that it is today. KIT + CLOGS are only a small team but they have a shared vision and great ambition.

      Sacha, Jess, Jo and Laura are the all female team behind the brand. Based on the South coast of the UK, they work together designing and showcasing their clog collection from their seaside home with trips to see their clog-makers in Sweden.

      The brand’s clogs reflect and respect where they’ve come from and how they’re made, using natural, sustainably sourced materials and organic vegetable dyes. Each purchase supports small, family-run businesses and traditional crafts in a world where they are threatened by cheap, low-quality, mass-produced alternatives.