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Who We Are

YBD was founded by a love for the uncommon, and a gap in the market, for thoughtful, British makers. The kind that fly under the radar but really shouldn’t. When YBD began, the world was all about the best-known brands and conscious label flaunting. Today the hunger to seek out the new and unique is irrepressible, and unknown brands are far more appreciated than 13 years ago (as they should be). Despite the UK having the best, most extraordinary and original fashion talent in the world (we are biased), there was no single platform showcasing this incredible talent. So our founders Debra and Julian created that place. We’re proud of our irrepressible curiosity for finding something a little bit different. And our customers have this too. That’s why you’re here after all, on the only platform entirely dedicated to the best of emerging British talent.

What we do

Since 2010, our unwavering dedication to finding your favourite new brand has taken us around the country. Uncovering creators who don’t even know how great they are yet. But we do…

We get by with a little help from our Finders, who share our mission to unearth unestablished designers who pour their heart and soul into creating pieces that you really, truly love. Because it's so rewarding when someone tries something new and falls in love with it. A piece that makes them feel amazing all over again. Our designers are at the very heart of their brands and you can feel that when you wear their pieces.

On YBD, you will only find something that we really love and believe in. Hoping that you will, too.

Who we've found

Every so often you open a lookbook or see an image and it takes your breath away, and this is how we felt with all of the designers on our site; past, present, and we're sure in the future, too. It's how we find our designers. It's how we know they're special.

And our method of madness has worked well so far. We have a track record of finding the newest names first; it's what we do, after all. We are beyond proud of some of the incredible talent first seen on our little site: Rejina Pyo, JW Anderson, Renli Su, Cawley, Eudon Choi and Teija Eilola, to name a few.

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