Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat Cardigan HERD
Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat Cardigan HERD
Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat Cardigan HERD
Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat Cardigan HERD
Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat Cardigan HERD
Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat Cardigan HERD
Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat Cardigan HERD Extra Large
Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat Cardigan HERD

Fleetwood Cardigan in Ecru with Shrimp & Peat

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Wearing the Fleetwood Jumper feels like carrying a piece of beauty from the North of England, wherever you go.

Deep within the heart of the Northern Uplands, where nature paints landscapes with a gentle touch, lies the inspiration for HERD's Fleetwood Jumper. It's a place where the hills and fells stand as silent sentinels, where drystone walls reverberate with tales of yore, and where weathered trees whisper secrets that only the wind comprehends.

The Fleetwood Jumper is now our favourite winter essential. It captures the essence of wild adventures, offers solace in draughty studios, extends a warm welcome on country weekends, and cradles you during those long, wintry evenings.

Its intricate details are a product of affection, from the comforting embrace of raglan shoulders to the gentle warmth of tailored cuffs and the reassuring hug of ribbed hems and cuffs. The Fleetwood Jumper carries within it the stories of our journeys, revealed through the soft rustle of its woollen threads.

Yet, what truly sets the Fleetwood Jumper apart is its wool, sourced from the Bluefaced Leicester sheep in the Northwest of England. It's a wool with a tale, one that we hold dear at YBD. We know precisely where it originates, and HERD ensures that these dedicated farmers are fairly rewarded for their flock's care.

Within just 150 miles of these very farms, this precious wool is meticulously transformed into yarn, a process elevated to an art. Fibres are masterfully blended to create natural shades, or they are dyed using plant extracts and mordants, unveiling a palette inspired by nature.

In every button, crafted from nuts, and every label, fashioned from soft 100% cotton, HERD embed their commitment to circular sustainability. With each thread and label, they pledge to uphold ethical craftsmanship and enduring beauty.

As you wrap yourself in the comforting warmth of the Fleetwood Jumper, remember that skilled hands in England have knitted this masterpiece with pride, making it a part of HERD's story, and now, a part of yours.

Proudly knitted by skilled craftspeople in England.

Size and fit
The Fleetwood Cardigan is true to size. Models wear a size Small.

- Extra Small: UK 6-8Chest: 106cm / Length: 50cm 
- Small: UK 8-10.  Chest: 112cm / Length: 52cm 
- Medium: UK 12Chest: 116cm / Length: 54cm 
- Large: UK 14-16. Chest: 120cm / Length: 56cm 
- Extra Large: UK 16-18. Chest: 126cm / Length: 59cm 



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Most knitwear on the market today contains petrochemicals called acrylic, nylon and polyester, harmfully extracted from the most precious, biodiverse and vulnerable places on the planet (because all the easy-to-reach stuff we’ve already used up.

By using only 100% fine English wool, grown, processed, made and finished within 150 miles of the farms, with no toxic chemicals or dyes, Herd are completing the carbon cycle begun in the soil, so that you can wear your knitwear with abandon.

Sheep grow fleeces every year to be shorn and worn, so Herd garments are made in tune with the seasons and cycles of England, for your everyday cosy.

What’s more, Herd work closely with every craftsperson along the historical British wool supply chain to create beautiful, natural, fully circular and beneficial knitwear. A very kind, very cosy brand.